There's nothing quite like that very first sip of coffee to help you get going. Whether you brew it at home or have a favorite coffee shop that you visit daily, that first cup is heaven to coffee lovers. And this Saturday morning is all about fans of the caffeinated beverage as the first ever caffeine crawl comes to Portland.

The caffeine crawl was created by The Lab as a way for beverage companies to connect craft beverages with the people who love them. Designed as an interactive, pub crawl style tour event, Caffeine Crawl gives individuals an opportunity to learn, share and experience what the passionate baristas, tea soms, coffee roasters, chocolatiers and other local, artisan producers in their communities bring to the table. And with Portland being a mecca for coffee shops, it's pretty much the perfect match up.

The crawls begin Saturday morning at 9:45, then another at 11:30 and the final crawl at 12:30. With stops at Arabica Coffee, Bard Coffee, Coffee By Design, Dean’s Sweets, Higher Grounds, Speckled Ax Wood Roasted Coffee and Tandem and wrapping up at InterAmerican Coffee at Foundation Brewing Company. There will be a tour guide at each location for questions and includes a talk or demonstration and a sample drink or chocolate.  Tickets run from $15 to $26.

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