If you're looking for a waterfall worth the road trip but don't want to do a crazy hours-long hike, there's one amazing one in New Hampshire to put on your list.

Beaver Brook Falls in Colebrook is an incredible hidden gem for nature enthusiasts, travelers, locals, and those who want to take in the beauty of New England.

While there are a lot of gorgeous waterfalls to find in Maine and New Hampshire, you often have to make sure you're up for a lengthy walk and sometimes arduous trek through the woods, up a mountain, etc. With Beaver Brook Falls, you can see the breathtaking beauty right off the road, making it an accessible destination for everyone.

As you drive along Route 145, the majestic cascade of water becomes visible from the state wayside off the road.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There is plenty of parking, picnic tables for you and the family to enjoy lunch, and a nice bench facing the waterfall.

Trail Finder notes that the waterfall is an incredible 80 feet and that, while you can see it from the road, some easy trails will get you even closer for you to touch the water.

Here are some of the 5-star reviews listed on Google about Beaver Brook Falls:

"Beautiful falls, easy to drive to and a quick outing. No hiking required."

"Beautiful picturesque setting in the north country of New Hampshire. You can walk up to the falls and get a really good view. There are trails you can walk and a picnic area where you can have lunch, quiet and serine. A little off the beaten path but well worth the trip."

"You can see it from the road. Quick, easy, impressive stop to view an impressive waterfall!"

"Amazing doesn't even begin to describe this waterfall. You literally park right in front of it. Path to the left allows you to walk right up to the waterfall and even step under the falling water. Path to the right will take you up to the left side where you can also get in the water or continue up the path to the top. Getting to the top does require some climbing on the path, it is not a simple walk up a path. Bathrooms are right in the parkinglot. There is a bench for viewing directly in front of the falls and a Pavillion with 2 picnic tables. Clean, gorgeous, easy in and out. This is a gem."

The sound of rushing water, the fresh forest air, and the scenic views create the perfect setting for relaxation and reflection, or a quick pit stop if that's what the trip calls for.

So if you're trying to figure out what to do your next free weekend, let's just say there's a natural treasure waiting for you to check it out.

Are you up for a road trip to a scenic waterfall?

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