Washington Baths in Portland is under construction and set to open in the fall.


According to the Portland Press Herald, Washington Baths is a Scandinavian-inspired public sauna and bathhouse. The owner, Asher Woodworth, said that this will be Portland's only sauna open to the public on a drop-in basis. Really, all other saunas are in hotels or gyms.


But what exactly is a communal bath? According to Woodworth,

This is going to be a pretty different offering for Portland. It’s not intended to be a luxury retreat. It’s intended to be more like a yoga class that you stop by and then get on with the rest of the day or evening. It’s all about thermal delight.


There is another sauna in Portland, but it moves around. What? Yes..Little Red Sauna is a horse trailer that's been converted into a mobile wood-fired sauna that moves around.

You won't have to be a member to go to Washington Baths, just pay for the time and what you want. Usually a sauna session is about two hours.There will also be massages, a lounge and even a cafe with snacks and beer.

Well, if you've been dying to sweat with strangers, your chance is coming up next fall!


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