Lee Goldberg's son Connor has Chiari as do so many kids and adults in Maine.


Now it's time to raise money and awareness for a disease that affects every person differently. It was back in April that Lee's son went in for an operation that was very successful.

It was the story on Lee's son that got a lot of people talking about this disease. It was once thought to be rare, but MRI's are showing that it is more common than we would like. As awareness builds, so does support. We are asking for your support on September 21st.

Brian Fox

Brian Fox has a daughter with Chiari and this is Heidi a year after surgery...she'll be at the walk on September 21st!

Brian Fox


This is a terribly debilitating disease that often strikes kids. Heidi is amazing, Connor is amazing and so many other kids are fighting the good fight. Thank you for all you do...