64 Market Street | Portland, ME

Portland's Old Port has always been a destination for stellar food, custom cocktails, and (arguably) Maine's liveliest nightlife scene. You shouldn't be surprised to find lines out the door on Wharf Street or overflowing barstools at the pubs of Fore Street. These all have their place in the Portland bar scene, but what if you want something cozier with more baked goods and leather couches and vinyl records? Enter: Maps.

Maps is among the select few cozy, secret, hideaway bars of Portland. Down the stairs and tucked underneath a historic brick building you'll find homemade cakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, beer and cocktails, an extensive music library, and of course, maps.

Map boasts over a 4.5 star review on Here's what Maps fans are saying about this cozy bar. reviewer Kelly T. says: 

An underground den of cozy warm vibes with vinyl and maps and books and beer and cider and wine. What more could you want on a chilly evening? As someone else mentioned, well..maybe whiskey, but the ambience, and the great, simple selection of beer and wine make up for it. It just feels like you are in someone's living room. Perhaps a sea captain with great taste in music. reviewer Phinney C. says:

Even if you're not part of the conversation the music is still your backdrop and that's the best I can do to try and explain what makes this place feel so special. reviewer Jennifer E. says:

Really cool place to grab a drink and get away from tourists. They had a decent beer selection when I went and the bartender was chill and friendly. I enjoyed my pint and drooled over the cake in various display cases. They do have maps on the walls, so the namesake works. reviewer Zac G. says:

One of my favorite little dives in Portland. Awesome atmosphere tucked into the basement level of a downtown building. Very small and intimate setting with limited seating and low lighting.

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