Yup, this was news to me too. In my latest DSW newsletter, one of the "up and coming" styles listed for women was DAD SHOES. I'm talking those oversized, too-much-rubber-for-reality tennis shoes that scream, "I value comfort over fashion". After some perusing of similar sites and a quick search on Pinterest, it appears these bulky monsters are blowing up.

Sure, they may make you look like you forgot to pack your work heels and are forced to wear walking shoes with your pencil skirt. Sure, they look like your flip flops broke and you had to make do with your uncle's extra sneakers. But dads know they're comfy as hell and ladies, that's a first in fashion! This may be one occasion where Mainers who don't give a rat's ass about dressing in style may accidentally be wearing the most fashionable thing out there.

If you have any interest in hopping on board the dad shoe train, all it takes is a visit to the mud room of your parents' house or Goodwill. In the mean time, have a laugh at anyone willing to spend a load of money on these absurdly expensive imitations of the real thing:


Chunky Sole Sneakers, Zara, $79.90



Disrupter 2 Lux Leather Sneakers, Barney's, $120



Alexander McQueen Oversized Runner Sneaker, Zappos, $790



Balenciaga Triple S suede, leather, and mesh sneakers, Net-A-Porter, $895 <-- (yes, you read that right)


Apparently people will pay money out their nose to look like they just came from P.E. class in 1994. Who can say what fashion will glom onto next? Cell phone belt clips? Ear hair implants?