On April 18, 1926, The First Radio Parish Church began broadcasting on WCSH radio in Portland, and today is the longest continuous religious broadcast in the country. That 91 year run comes to an end on February 28.

Also know as Daily Devotions, the program was carried on TV stations and radio stations across the state through its flagship at WCSH radio and later WCSH 6 TV.

Sadly, the money ran out. Donations to keep Daily Devotions running dwindled to the point that it could not longer continue and The First Radio Parish Church will be no more after their last broadcast on February 28.

Even if you aren't a religious person, you've probably have heard of Daily Devotions. I remember seeing it each morning as a kid before cartoons came on.

Here's the goodbye message from Reverend Peter Baldwin Panagore, who became the fifth and ultimately final minister of the First Radio Parish Church in 2003.



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