This isn't exactly the type of life advice I ever saw myself giving in life, but in an effort to try and make your life better, I'll just say it.

Don't let moose lick your cars.

And honestly, it's not even advice directly from me. Like the South Park characters Terrance and Phillip once said -- Blame Canada.

Official Undiscovered YouTube page
Official Undiscovered YouTube page

According to Channel 8 WMTW, Canadian officials are urging citizens to not let moose lick their cars. Like, this is such a legit thing that there are big electronic signs being put up on the roadways that say, "DO NOT LET MOOSE LICK YOUR CAR."

The fact that this is even a real life thing, though. Absolutely mindboggling. But also, what do officials expect people to do? Get out of their vehicles and cage fight moose to avoid licking salt off their vehicles when we get into the dead of winter?

How about you hop off your horses and help us remove a moose from trying to lick our vehicles, Mounties. It's okay, we'll wait.

All joking aside, though -- nevermind trying to stop a moose from licking your car, but name a situation where you'd even be in a position for a moose to lick your vehicle? The only time I've even seen one was while driving up to Berlin, New Hampshire, and a mammoth moose darted out from the woods into the road near the Route 115/Route 2 intersection in Jefferson, New Hampshire.

Bottom line, I don't know what happens with moose in Canada, but no moose in Maine or New Hampshire is going to casually stroll up to a vehicle and try to lick whatever salt may be on it. Not before it causes a massive crash first, anyway.

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