Dear City of Portland,

Let me start my letter by saying that I know you're doing the best you can. I appreciate all of your hard work so far to clear the snow in much of the city. I also know that I chose to live on Portland's peninsula and dealing with snow bans and crowded snow-covered streets is part of the "experience" of living here. I also know that my street is not the only one with this issue, but please let this letter represent all streets needing emergency snow clearing.

After Two Snow Bans, No Snow Was Cleared

My street narrowed with each pass of the plow on Sunday and Monday. I think the plow drivers turned their focus to other parts of the city before the storm ended, because there's still a few inches of snow on the roads and the banks on the sides reach 6-7 FEET tall. People routinely get stuck in the middle of the street for no reason in the mess of mashed potato-y snow. No snow has been removed from the street, only pushed and relocated.

We've Lost Half the Parking

Living downtown means you park your car on the street. Even owning my home, I only have off street parking on a rotating basis. Finding a parking spot is usually easy, but not when half of the parking is eliminated by snow. There simply isn't a place to park within a walkable distance right now.

My Street is Now a One Way Street

Other people who live on my street are not willing to accept that half of our parking is gone, so they park anyway, making the street only passable by one car at a time. My street is now effectively a one way street. This poses massive safety issues. You can't see around the cars that are packed haphazardly atop snow piles. Backing in or out of driveways becomes a game of dodge-a-car or even worse, bumper cars. 

With More Snow and Rain Coming, Please Clear Before It's Too Late

Winter isn't done with us yet and I'm afraid that with more snow, rain, and freezing temperatures, these monstrous snowbanks will become giant permanent frozen fixtures on the street. I'm afraid for my car as people attempt to navigate the narrow street, accidentally bumping and denting my vehicle. I'm worried that with any more snow our street will become entirely impassable.

I know you're doing the best you can. And I know our street is not the only one. I just hope that this street is on your list of things to do before it's too late to do anything about it.


Kylie from The Q

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