As you know, being a New Englander every year, we look to the Farmer's Almanac to give us good news about what's going to bring for the weather crops and all those other essentials. However, lately, we haven't been getting as much good news as this coming winter; will not only be it long, but there will be some late season blizzards that will come and wallop us right here in southern and central Maine. Now with climate change recently changing the temperature in the water and bringing us Great White Sharks, should this really be a surprise to us yet and still surprise or not, we don't like it as this will cut into the beginning of baseball season.

Winter's "wild card" will be the region covering the Tennessee and lower Ohio River valleys, north and east up through New England, where we can expect a rather powerful weather system, according to the Farmers' Almanac. According to CBS 13's website.

What are your thoughts are you prepared for a more snowy colder winter in the northeast? I know I'm definitely going to break out the snowshoes this year and enjoy a little snowboarding. Hopefully, with people indoors because of the cold, COVID cases will go down.


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