Dear Diary,

Texting can be a dangerous thing while you are trying to get to know someone you may want to date. And that includes Facebook chat, Snapchat, online dating sites messaging and other forms that are out there. Words on a screen don’t come with a font difference or a disclaimer for sarcasm, annoyance, or flirtation. And the use of emojis can be just as difficult decipher.

When I’m texting with someone I may be interested in of the opposite gender, I try to choose my words and emojis carefully. Sometimes the guys I’m texting don’t quite do the same.

Recently I was texting this guy, let’s call him B. I’ve known B for almost 10 years. We had been just chatting with small talk for a few weeks… when this happened. I was working, and because I didn’t text him back immediately this is the response I got.

I tried to bite my tongue… erm … hold my fingers back with my response. I try to avoid any type of confrontation, especially over text when words can be misconstrued. I almost wish I hadn’t when I saw what B texted me the next morning. Oh lordy it was a good one.

If I had responded to him it probably would have been a massive NO. But, I held back and didn’t text back.

Why is texting so hard? I know I’ve been guilty of reading too much into things, but what girl hasn’t. I know texting isn’t going to disappear from the dating world… but hopefully people will be a little more careful with their words.


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Xox, Michelle


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