Let us take a moment to send thanks to whoever invented mylar balloons in the shape of numbers. She or he is a gosh darn genius. Every millennial birthday requires them and they're useful in a myriad of other occasions. For now, we're focusing on the weird trend on instagram to post a picture of yourself in bed, often with with breakfast and presents, but ALWAYS with these famously basic balloons. I'm telling you, it's a thing. Behold the hashtag #29thbirthday:

No presents there, but the "Barbie" lingerie makes up for anything you were lacking.

Yup, she woke up like this. How she slept in a bed filled with glitter balloons, I don't know.

Again, why is everything in their bed?

Alright, so props to the inventor of glitter-inside balloons, too.

Since Lori bought me mylar 29 balloons on my birthday, I decided it was completely necessary for me to replicate the trend. How'd I do?



Okay so I popped one of the balloons on my walk home... and don't have ruffly pink blankets on my bed... and I'm not wearing lingerie (even underneath my normal clothes)... and I didn't have any breakfast in bed so I grabbed a carton of eggs. Still counts, right?



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