A fifth-generation Maine lobsterman caught himself a whale of a lobster.

Jacob Knowles does a ton of videos, and often educates people on all things fish and lobster. Recently, he captured one of the biggest lobsters he's ever caught.

In Maine, the rule is that any male over five inches has to go back into the ocean. Notice how Jacob pauses after saying that five inches and over is the best length for breeding.

Jacob has been catching lobsters and making videos for a long time. The "crusher" claw on this monster of a lobster is so big, Knowles can't imagine how he even fit in his trap! He tries to get the bigger lobsters to crush a sweet potato. He's had no luck until this sucker!

jknowles831 instagram
jknowles831 Instagram

It was no problem!

Is this giant lobster really 100 years old?

jknowles831 Instagram
jknowles831 Instagram

As Jacob points out, there's no official way to know the age of a lobster. The rule of thumb is roughly seven years for every pound, and he estimated that this lobster was well over 10 pounds! He also noted that for as old and big as this lobster was, it was in great shape! The older lobsters get, the more likely they are to succumb to disease.

Before Jacob let the old lobster back into the ocean, he gave him a "snack", putting a fish in his crusher claw. The lobster cut the sweet potato in two, but gently held onto his fish snack for later.

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