Most of us are still cleaning out from last weekend's high water and wind, while preparing for another Nor'easter. A golf course in Sanford is also in preparation.

Sanford. Mowers of artificial mini golf grass.

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While traveling through my hometown yesterday, I had to do a double-take when driving by the Mountain View Golf Range. I thought it might be a wee-bit early to be whipping out a lawn mower. Especially since, well...the obvious. It's mini golf carpet/turf. Yet, there it was. Placed right on hole 11 or 12, a riding lawn mower. Presumably to maintain peak conditions that won't be affected by any high water, or blizzards which happen to run through the area. Maybe it was the filter, but these greens looks pretty bright to me!

Obviously, this is a little humor to break up what's been a very active week, weather-wise. Even if we are pummeled with more than a foot of snow, know golf season isn't too far away. The folks in Sanford are going to make sure of that!


Ed Note: I'm fully aware this could be an obstacle :)

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