Every year, one of these lands at my front door and every year I wonder, "Why?" Phonebooks were once vital pieces of research material to find the numbers of businesses and people, but it's 2019. Google, Siri, Alexa...they all can give you the number of any business or anyone in your contacts and in most cases, even dial them for you. Despite being well into the 21st century, every year this outdated book still gets delivered without me asking for it. Well now there's a way to stop it.

One thing that has changed with phone books is that they are the Yellow Pages only now. In case you're a little too young to know what the Yellow Pages are, they were the section of the phone book that listed businesses and you could find it quickly because the pages were yellow instead of the white pages of the residential listings.  The Yellow Pages even had a catchy slogan: "Let Your Fingers Do The Walking."

Today though, this seems just like a waste of paper for a lot of people. The Yellow Pages are trying to stay relevant though calling themselves "The Original Search Engine." Cute.

So, want to stop getting phone books each year and save a forest or two? To their credit, the Yellow Pages now offer an option to opt out. It does come with a catch though. You need to create an account and provide them with a lot of information like an email address, phone number and home address. But come to think of it, I'm pretty sure Google has that info on you too.

Hit the button to opt out and cross your fingers you don't get a phone book next year.





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