Netflix's new movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock has broken the record for Netflix's most-watched film just a week after its release on December 21. The movie is so popular right now, that social media is all a buzz over it, including Arcadia National Bar in Portland.

Here's Netflix's brief synopsis of Bird Box:

"When a mysterious force decimates the world’s population, only one thing is certain: if you see it, you take your life. Facing the unknown, Malorie finds love, hope and a new beginning only for it to unravel. Now she must flee with her two children down a treacherous river to the one place left that may offer sanctuary. But to survive, they'll have to undertake the perilous two-day journey blindfolded."

So one of the major plot points in the movie is that the characters need to wear blindfolds to move around so they don't see whatever it is that has taken over the world and causes people to kill themselves.

After Arcadia National Bar co-owner Dave Aceto saw the movie, he said he had to make this video of him in the bar, trying to avoid the demons, or whatever it is that's decimating the humans on Earth.

Watch as Dave wanders through the bar blindfolded until he finds a pinball machine and struggles to put quarters in.


Well played done Dave. See you at are Arcadia next Wednesday for free pinball night if we dare to take the blindfold off.

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