Since opening 3 years ago, Arcadia National Bar on Preble Street in Portland has been very successful. Their mix of pinball, video games, and table top games in a bar setting has been a huge hit.

Now the bar is in the process of an expansion to add more space and a kitchen to serve up some food with their delicious adult beverages.

As construction began, a back area of the bar was walled off. To apologize for the lost space and explain what was going on, a very clever and funny handwritten sign was attached to the plywood.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

If you listen closely at night when the games are turned off and all is quiet, you'll hear the faint sound of a drill and hammer behind the wall, as the drunk guy works tirelessly on the new kitchen.

Look for the new changes at Arcadia National Bar in the coming months.

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