I think I've reached a weird new level of TikTok. I don't know what the TikTok algorithm thinks of me to give me this information but here I am sharing it with you.

There's a website where you can find a pen pal. Who's in prison.

And because I just can't help but be curious I of course had to explore this website.

WriteAPrisoner.com allows you to do a basic search for inmates by state, race, religion, sex, and age.

They offer an advanced search where you can search by specific names, eye color, hair color, marital status, sexual orientation, time served, and the real kickers, death row inmates or inmates serving life sentences.


Still, I just wanted to see what the Maine prison system had to offer for pen pals. So far, I haven't stumbled upon any familiar faces.

Now I'm not personally looking for a prison pen pal, but I do find humans and their stories to be genuinely interesting. (Not to mention have a love for true crime TV.) The inmates have their own profiles, sort of like an extended dating profile talking about themselves, their interests, goals, and whatnot, to attract a pen pal. But different from a dating app, as you scroll down you can see the details about their incarceration.

One TikToker has made a lifelong friend through the website and has gone viral for it.

If you're going to write, be sure to consider your level of commitment first.

If you're looking for a pen pal and to do some good in the life of someone you may never meet, or if you want to fill your curiosity like I did, head over to WriteAPrisoner.com.

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