If you did, I am beyond jealous.

Celebrities make their way through New England, especially for shows and concerts, but rarely do we get to see them spotted in the wild. Of course, out of all famous folk, Jack Black would be the one meandering the streets and taking selfies with fans.

I would be shocked if you don’t recognize the name; he is famously known for his comedies like Shallow Hal, School of Rock, Kung Fu Panda, Tropic Thunder, and, most recently, Jumanji. He is often a feel-good character just like his co-stars in Jumanji, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

Why Was Jack Black in New Hampshire?

Jack Black is currently on a Summer 2022 tour with Kyle Grass for their comedy rock duo, Tenacious D. They have a show tonight at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, hence him being spotted in Concord.

The Facebook post shares that a son ran into him the day before his birthday, making for a killer surprise birthday present.

But look at that picture… Do you think you would recognize Jack Black if you saw him in the street?! I might just think he was just another dude from New Hampshire.

Jack Black and Tenacious D

If you haven’t heard of it, Tenacious D is his comedy rock duo that can best be described as acoustic rock, comedy rock, and heavy metal with a strong emphasis on satire, which Jack Black is infamously known for.

That would probably be one of the most interesting shows you can go to, especially in that neck of the woods.

Were you lucky enough to see him while he was in town??

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