Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, has a tradition of being one of the first in the country to vote for presidents. That was in danger, because someone moved.



According to the Portland Press Herald, Dixville Notch has been voting just after midnight for the presidential primary and in November general elections for 60 years...and it almost ended.

But last year, Dixville Notch had an official who is needed for the primary in February, move! That means that only 4 people lived in town. They needed 5, so they could fill a selectman seat - without it, they would have had to join another town in order to vote.

Well, like a super hero, that 5th resident is Les Otten. Les is actually the developer of the Balsams resort in town and he plans on moving there from Greenwood. You probably know that name as one of the founders of Sunday River. He also owns properties in New Hampshire.

He said of Dixville Notch's early voting fame,

Having the New Hampshire primary without Dixville voting first is like having winter in New Hampshire without snow.


It appears the good news is that Dixville Notch will keep voting early, and it will snow in New Hampshire this winter.



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