Amazon Prime has taught me to never settle for anything less than free two day shipping. Amazon Prime has also made it way too easy to buy things I need... And plenty of things I don't need.

On Friday night, after a very successful happy hour and a killer 90s alt-rock playlist when I got home, I stared longingly at my record player thinking, "I wish I had this playlist on vinyl!" That's when tipsy Kylie remembered my old friend, Amazon Prime.

In a few terrifyingly fast finger taps on my phone, I ordered Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up the Girl and Blues Traveler - Four.

On Sunday morning (did you know Amazon Prime does Sunday delivery? Go I love Amazon) my two new records arrived. I got a good laugh out of it at the same time being super appreciative that I Primed something of value instead of a useless Pet Rock or this strange can of Unicorn Meat.

Do you 'Drink & Prime'? What's the best thing you've ever ordered online after a few adult beverages?

Here's what other people have purchased during a #DrinkandPrime session.

6' Inflatable Whale


An Inflatable Cactus


Lisa Frank Flip Flops


Dog Chain Tank Top


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