If you're someone who grew up in Maine and were born in the mid-80s or earlier, you probably remember this classic Halloween commercial from a Maine drug store that no longer exists.

If you lived in Maine up until 1994, there was probably a LaVerdiere's Drug Store near you. The Maine owned chain had 72 stores between Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont before it was bought by Rite Aid, which ironically has also been gobbled up by Walgreens.

LaVerdiere's was much more than your typical drug store. In the early 80s they jumped on the video game craze bringing arcades to their stores where most Maine kids got their first chance to play Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Frogger. I would ride my bike across town to the LaVerdiere's in South Paris about every other day in the summer to play and see what new games they had.

LaVerdiere's also had a pretty good selection of fishing gear, something you don't see in Walgreens today. This was Maine though, and LaVerdiere's was in a lot of rural towns where they were one of the only places you could shop for what you needed.

Every fall starting in the 80s, a Halloween commercial for LaVerdiere's would air and start by telling you what day Halloween was this year. They had to change it each year it ran.

It touted their wide selection of costumes, makeup, and Halloween candy. The commercial was pretty cheesy by today's standards, but almost everyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s remembers the howling werewolf on top of the building over the LaVerdiere's sign.


There was one other Halloween commercial from LaVerdiere's in 1989 that had two actors impersonating Ralph and Alice Kramden from the 50's sitcom The Honeymooners. They were Maine actors too. Just get a load of those Maine accents.

This one probably didn't do as well to get kids to beg their parents to take them to LaVerdiere's since they probably had never seen the show.

Man I do miss LaVerdiere's. There really was nothing else like it in Maine.

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