This story of a lost Red Sox 2018 American League East Champion Banner found by a guy on a busy highway has a lot of Sox fans skeptical to say the least.

According to the Boston Globe, Louie Iacuzzi of Malden, MA claims he found the banner wrapped in paper bag on the highway and he crossed three lanes of traffic to pick it up.

Where his story goes south, is when he said he wanted to return the banner, but wanted a little something something from the Red Sox for his good deed like tickets to a playoff game or a chance to meet some players.

Iccauzi returned the banner to the Red Sox and he received absolutely nothing.

The company that made it says they are sure the banner was stolen as I think all of us are. Iccauzi still claims his story is true though.

As of this writing, the Red Sox still need a win against the Yankees to hang this banner up, but at least it's back at Fenway waiting for the win.

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