This rock, on Rt. 77 in Cape Elizabeth, is one that the graduating class of Cape Elizebath High School, paints typically as they are getting ready to walk the stage for graduation that year. I myself, being a Cape Elizabeth resident, saw students taking turns to paint the 2020 design in the last couple of weeks. It appears that even in these times, some traditions have not been lost.  

This morning I saw a police car over by the rock and photographing what appeared to be a banner that said, 

"White people act now to end white supremacy." 

I doubled back to get a photo for today's piece of content, but the officer had removed it and taken it back to the precinct. 

I spoke to several neighbors who believe that the banner may have been created by local Cape Elizabeth students, as the rock itself was not destroyed or painted over with the message that was on the banner.  

As civil unrest grips America in the next coming days, working its way into both politics and pop culture, we should take into consideration people's thoughts and feelings. That is where the healing has to begin for us to be able to move forward. I welcome your thoughts. 

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