A man escaped but his two dogs did not when his car plunged off the Frye Island ferry into Sebago Lake.

News Center Maine reports that 64-year-old Dennis Feeney of Westbrook forgot to put his car in park after pulling onto the Frye Island ferry while it was docked Monday night. The ferry has a single deck in the open and divers are required to remain in the cars for safety on the 5 minute trip to and from the island. The car rolled off the deck of the ferry and plunged into the cold water of Sebago Lake

Feeney was able to escape the vehicle and get to safety, but his two dogs in the car with him were not. He initially seemed to be okay, but was later taken to Mercy Hospital on what we can only assume is a precaution to make she he checks out okay.

Officials will attempt to remove Feeney's 2016 Mercedes from the waters of Sebago Lake today.


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