I remember going to Fenway Park as a kid sitting in box seats right behind the Red Sox dugout. Back then, games at Fenway were rarely a sell-out. Box seats back then were just $7.50 and you always had an up-close view of the game, more akin to what it's like at Hadlock Field to see the Portland Sea Dogs.

I also remember the food vendors going up and down the aisles with soda, Fenway Franks and ice cream. When someone in the middle of the row would order something they'd pass down their cash, one person to the next to pay, and then their Fenway Frank made its way back the other direction along with any change.

Money in wallet
Nopphon Pattanasri

That tradition of passing down the cash has come to an end at Fenway Park for the Red Sox 2022 season. According to WMTW, Fenway Park is going cashless. So how does that work?

Well, it's 2022 and we now have so many other ways to pay for things that physical cash is being used less and less. Credit cards, debit cards, phone apps for businesses, Venmo, PayPal and we can pay with a wave of our phone or watch. So this kind of makes sense for a place like Fenway Park that is rushing to fill so many orders.

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From now on at Fenway, you'll need to bring a credit card or debit card or make payments with your smartphone for all purchases in the concourse or in the stands. If you still want to use cash, you can load it onto a card that can be used for purchases at a kiosk at several locations in the park.

Another change you'll see at Fenway this season is advertising space has been sold on the field. You'll see it in the grass on each side of home plate between the fungo circles used during batting practice and the warning track.

Now this I have a problem with. There seems to be no place left to put advertising at Fenway so now it's going on the field. Going back to when I was a kid at Fenway back in 1978, there was only advertising on the centerfield scoreboard and the wall behind the rightfield seats. The walls around the rest of the field at Fenway were green and ad-free. All those ads have taken away a little bit of Fenway's charm.

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