Keep your eyes open for new stop signs at an intersection in Brunswick so you don't accidentally run through them.

When you are used to driving through an intersection for years and suddenly something about it changes, you're probably taken by surprise. Our minds tend to wander as we drive thinking about all sorts of different things. Every driven and suddenly realize you're at a point on your route and wonder how you got there so fast? That's usually when our minds are wandering and things like traffic pattern changes go unnoticed

A big change has happened at the intersection of Old Portland Road (Route 1) and Durham Road. What used to be a stop for traffic entering Route 1 has now become an all-way stop.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In case you need a refresher on the right-of-way at an intersection with an all-way stop, this handy video from the City of Lafayette, Colorado explains it very simply.

It's really simple, but there always seems to be someone that doesn't remember who goes first.

One other tip I would suggest for you at an all-way stop sign is not to wave someone through who does not have the right-of-way. Sure, they're being courteous, but if you should get into an accident while going through the intersection without having the right of way, even if someone was waving you through, you could be at fault for causing the accident.

The all-way stop at Old Portland Road and Durham Road starts on the morning of November 3, so if you're headed that way, be prepared for the new stop signs.

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