Mainers are interesting and unique characters.

We have our funny little sayings and the special things we do for each other that only true Mainers really understand. As the Northernmost state in the country, we relate to things other people don't.

Whether it's sharing your expensive lobster roll in the summer or shoveling your partner's driveway during a snowstorm, we have special ways of showing the people we love that we truly care about them.

Expressing your love for someone goes far beyond just simply saying, "I love you"; it's in your daily acts, your moments of generosity, and the little sayings you utter to the people you care about most.

Before my partner and I said the words, "I love you" out loud, we had to show it to each other through special words and acts of kindness that expressed our adoration for one another. To me, that was far more intimate than just saying those three little words out loud.

What are ways that you tell the person you love that you love them? We asked our audience of local Mainers what ways they say, "I love you", without actually saying the words.

I compiled a list of the responses and have them here for you to scroll through. Do you relate to these? Do you have your own?

Whether it's your mom, your partner, or your dearest friend, we all of the ways of expressing our love to those in our life we genuinely care for.

These are all the different ways that Mainers express their love.

30 Ways Mainers Say “I Love You”

We asked Mainers what ways locals say, "I love you"? and these are their answers.

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