Maine Slang

'Ayuh.' 'Bub.' 'Upta camp.'

Mainers having their own language isn't anything new. There have been plenty of articles written over the years that define exactly what certain words heard throughout Vacationland locals mean.

In fact, at some unknown point in time, postcards created (that are now on sale on eBay) titled 'Talk'n Maine' were created as a type of dictionary to understand exactly what locals mean when they say the unheard of words they speak.


And, sure, thanks to all of the various articles that have been written that can be used as a cheat sheet, along with the above pictured postcard, there's one thing that everything written so far doesn't tell us:

Of all the words and phrases specific to Maine that exist, what exactly are the favorites to use, hear, or both?

Townsquare Media / Canva AI Image Generator
Townsquare Media / Canva AI Image Generator

Maine Reddit

If you've never checked out Reddit in general, it can be a bit of a wild ride, but hidden amongst all the very random, nerdy, and at times inappropriate content is an absolute gold mine:

The Maine subreddit.

Everything involving the best destinations to visit for tourists and spots with the most delicious seafood, to conversations about events happening in the area and random Maine rants -- plus everything in between -- exists on the Maine subreddit page.

Maine Favorite Slang Words

Including a conversation involving both locals and tourists about not just slang heard throughout Vacationland, but what the absolute favorite words, terms, and phrases to use and hear are.

Maine Redditors List Their Favorite Local Slang Words and Phrases

Are any of these your favorites to use or hear, too?

Gallery Credit: Jadd

Wicked Big List of Maine Slang Terms

You've heard them all, but all in one place?

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