Fries. Beer. Happiness.

If you live in Portland, you've probably been to Duckfat for fries, Oxbow for beer, or both. Both are known and loved by tourists and locals alike, and they know their belgian-inspired products are remarkably compatible. They've collaborated in the past, including serving Duckfat food at Oxbow on occasion last summer, much to the delight of Portland patrons.

With that in mind, the two companies have joined forces to open a permanent Duckfat frites shack at the shared beer garden by Oxbow's Brewery in Portland's Washington St. neighborhood.

No longer will you have to make the trek from one location to the other or day dream about how well they would go together! Just sit back and enjoy both scrumptious delicacies rolled into one perfectly summer-in-Maine experience. Cheers!


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