It's Tuesday... Dutch's is open... And I'm sitting here drooling over everything on Dutch's menu. I usually go with the Not So Traditional breakfast sandwich on a biscuit because that chimichurri sauce is ridiculously good. Today, I'll pretty much get anything and everything on the menu after scrolling through these photos.

Dutch's always seemed like a well kept secret to me, but at the same time, weekends are packed at Dutch's with a long (but fast) line at the counter to place an order. I believe their secret lies in the baked goods. The homemade biscuits, popovers, breads, and pastries are the best I've tried in Portland.

If you're looking for a breakfast or lunch spot today or planning a trip through Portland, make it a point to eat at Dutch's at least once... If you can limit yourself to that.

Customized Chicken Biscuit


How about some Dutch Crunch bread?


Stuffed Popover Special for the Win


Always Get What's on Special at Dutch's


Rainbow Boston Cream Doughnuts

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