It’s definitely not fake or Photoshopped,” says Gary Allen, who got his birthday wish.

Gary Allen, who turned 60 on Sunday, wanted to make a peaceful, environmentally friendly statement. So he did. He and friends spent hours carving the word 'RESIST' in 25 foot letters on Sand Beach in Bar Harbor.

It was washed away within hours, but the Facebook page 'Alt Acadia National Park' picked it up and as of Monday had been shared over 1600 times!


According to the article in the Portland Press Herald, Gary Allen said,

We have to resist climate ignorance. We have to resist bigotry and hate. I can’t tell you exactly what everyone (on the beach) was thinking, but we all support resisting science ignorance and resisting having our national parks be told to stop using social media. We wanted to stand with our National Park Service and nature.



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