I think at this point ,we can all agree that Barstool's Dave Portnoy is an absolute menace. A menace that doesn't belong in Maine, but absolutely needed for some pizza reviews. Despite what many people may say about New York or Boston being the capital of pizza America, I truly think Maine has better pizza than both.

Portnoy went from seemingly unaware that Maine exists, to doing over six pizza reviews in downtown Portland. Suddenly, we'd wake up every day to a new video posted on Barstool about a different local pizza spot he rated. He even visited one of my go-to pizza spots, Pizzaiolo.

At the end of it all, Dave visited seven total Maine pizza spots, and really delivered in the entertainment department, especially when he did his OTTO's review. Absolute chaos.

Dave gives no craps. It's a part of his beauty, but also his demise. Actually, I don't think I meant the word demise, more so a downfall? Anyways, you get it. He's chaotic, and even cost a young teenager her first job.  Who remembers the moment the cashier literally suggested another pizza spot to Dave that's way better than the one she works at?


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