The fact that this man has just been paying himself to live his life and do his own thing for years is absolutely incredible. I love how people consistently talk *ish* about him, and he's monetizing off of it. I'll be the first to say it: how can you talk badly about somebody when he literally does not care and is making money off of it? He's brilliant.

When did Dave Portnoy start doing One Bite pizza reviews?

Apparently, he's got over 11 years of pizza eating under his belt, as he did his first review back in 2013 when he launched his One Bite Pizza Review series, according to I guess the cool thing about his legacy is that as East Coasters, we can say that he started this pizza empire close to home.

After everything this man has built over the last couple decades, it's kinda funny to look back and see where it all started. For Dave, it all started in Stoughton, Massachusetts, at a place called Town Spa Pizza.

Dave had said seven years ago in this video that, "These will be the most authentic pizza reviews you can ever have, bite, score, video." That statement stands true today.

Should we talk about what his work environment looks like in this? The toilet paper on the desk, the crooked calendar on the wall...never forget where you came from, kids.

I'm also loving that he took a point off the score of the pizza quality just because the quality of the places merch was trash. Amazing. How authenticity should be.

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