The new hot spot in downtown Portland is Giant, an ironically small cafe on Clark street. They've got breakfast foods, baked goods, and lunch items like soups, salads, and fresh sandwiches daily. They also sell to-go items that you can take home and heat up (because who wants to think about what's for dinner 7 times a week?!)

In addition to al the food items you're craving, Giant provides Stumptown coffee, wifi, comfy seating AND a monthly pop-up dinner party and wine bar called "Hush, Hush".

Follow them on Instagram to see daily specials, calendar of events, tastings and what's new at the new cafe.

Giant is an all-day cafe off-shoot of "Little Giant," the mother restaurant next door that serves dinner 6 nights a week and brunch on Sundays. Their bar opens at 4pm, while Giant is open daily from 8am-9pm for all your Giant needs. Bon appetit!

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