Every year we ring in the new year by eating weird unusual food. My parents did this when I was a kid, and well...I've kicked it up a notch. Check out what we served!

Some of these items aren't that weird, but for the kids - they are. Most foods are met with a loud, 'THAT'S DISGUSTING!'  In some cases...they were right!  So, here's what was on the menu:

  1. STAR FRUIT:   Not that weird and very yummy, but unusual. We have this every year because I know they will eat them.
  2. DRIED MANGO:   I'm not a huge fan of mango, but it was very pretty and I thought, what the hell. Ya know, it's kinda tasty. Very sugary. The kids hated it.
  3. BROWN BREAD:   You know, the kind that goes with baked beans. The kids had never had it. They hated it.
  4. RICE CRACKERS:   Black sesame and soy sauce. I thought they were super yummy. Jen too. The kids hated it.
  5. CIRCUS PEANUTS:   Jen picked these up. Weird indeed. We all hated them.
  6. NAN:   Indian bread with butter melted on it. I love nan and all Indian food. One out of 3 kids loved it. The other two refused to try it.
  7. CRAB CAKES:  Not all that unusual, unless you are 7 then it's, 'disgusting!'. Adults gobbled it up, children refused to try them.
  8. TARTER SAUCE:  For the crab cakes.
  9. QUORN:  This was my favorite weird food! Quorn is mycoprotein ('myco' is Greek for 'fungi'!). It is completely meatless and soy-free. I bought Quorn Chik'n Nuggets. I love them and think they taste incredibly just like real chicken nuggets! One boy was okay with it, one boy refused and the 10 year old said it's, 'disgusting!'.
  10. BEEF EMPANADAS:  I traveled the world and this stop was Spain. I love these things. The kids hated it.
  11. VIENNA SAUSAGES:   Yup. Right out of the can. I have NEVER had these and I was most afraid to eat this. It tasted like a super mushy hot dog. I am not a fan. Everyone else refused to try them. I don't blame them.
  12. MARINATED ARTICHOKE HEARTS:   I tried to convince them that they tasted like pickles. No one bought it and they all hated them.
  13. PEPPERONI PANINO:  That's just a fancy over priced way of saying mozzarella cheese wrapped in pepperoni. It looked kinda yummy and fancy. It got a lukewarm reception.
  14. POMEGRANATE SEEDS:   Not that weird, but unusual. One kid LOVED them, two refused. I tried to convince them that they would love, love, love it. That did not work.
  15. BISCUIT STIX:   These are weird little snacks from Korea. I'm not sure why, but if you buy crackers, or chips or something in the 'international' aisle - they all smell like some sort of fish sauce is used. Two kids hated them, one kid wants them as his snack for school!
  16. MOXIE:  Yes, weird and unusual. Two kids (and two grown ups) hated it. One kid (the Biscuit Stix lover) loved it!
  17. BLACK-EYED PEAS:  These are a must. We don't care if you love or hate them, they are for good luck and must be eaten at the stroke of midnight.
  18. CREOLE CRAWFISH:   Okay, I must say..I had no idea about this one. I bought them because they looked weird. I was the only one who tried them. Hated it. I don't think I made it right. Plus...I really wasn't sure what to eat!
  19. TINY FORKS:   Weird food is even weirder when you use itty bitty forks.

That's how we ring in the new year. I heard the word 'disgusting!' so much, I sworer I was living with tiny Donald Trumps!