The City of Auburn, Maine, had a New Year's Eve event unlike any other, and it was amazing.

The people living in the cities of Lewiston and Auburn and its surrounding towns like Lisbon are still coping with the loss of friends and family in the terrible mass shooting in October that claimed 18 lives.

Healing takes time, and honestly, the sounds of fireworks on New Year's Eve are not what these towns are ready for yet. So this year, rather than fireworks, Auburn had a spectacular drone show that, in my opinion, was way more impressive than fireworks.

According to the Sun Journal, about 5,000 people turned out on New Year's Eve at Festival Plaza as 150 drones were launched into the sky to create moving, and in some cases, what looked like three-dimensional images in the sky.

Sky Elements, out of Texas are the ones behind this fantastic display. They hold two Guinness World Records for a display that used 1,499 drones to tell the story of The Nutcracker.

The display for Auburn was tailored perfectly for Maine, with a display of a 3-D moose and an image of the State of Maine with a heart over the location of Lewiston.

Aerial Photographx via Facebook
Aerial Photographx via Facebook

Local drone company Aerial Photographx caught the display on video, and it truly is amazing. Keep in mind that the video was sped up a bit because coordinating all those drones takes time for them to move into position.

This was such a success that I would love to see more towns and cities replace their fireworks displays with a drone show.

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