Is there anything more ‘Maine’ than lighthouses and seafood? Drive down our rocky coast and you’ll see lighthouses sprinkled along the way and lobster boats pulling out their traps.

In an effort to promote those hardworking Maine workers and to show off our remarkable seafood, Luke’s Lobster and SoPo Seafood are offering a limited edition edible Maine seafood lighthouse with a major perk involved.

Maine Seafood Tower by Luke's Lobster and SoPo Seafood

Both seafood companies are offering an edible display of seafood in the form of a Maine lighthouse for an extremely fair price. This four-tier seafood tower is perfect for summer events and will absolutely wow your guests with its uniqueness.

Each tower comes with four tiers of an insane amount of seafood for a classy and scrumptious centerpiece all local to Maine waters but that’s not even the best part.

Each order comes with a gift card toward an overnight stay in a real Maine lighthouse!

Since I’m sure you are interested to know what this all entails, here’s a little bit about each company’s offering:

Luke’s Lobster Maine Seafood Tower

Available on their website, Luke’s Lobster’s seafood tower comes with the following for $325:

  • 1 lb flash-frozen lobster knuckle & claw meat
  • Luke’s secret seasoning
  • 4 New England-style split-stop buns
  • 2 lb of lobster claws
  • 2 lb of crab claws
  • 1 lb Gulf of Maine Dayboat scallops
  • Four ⅚ oz lobster tails
  • 12 oz of clam chowder
  • Four platters
  • Working solar-powered light for the top of the centerpiece
  • Gift card toward a night’s stay at one of Maine’s iconic lighthouses

SoPo’s doesn’t differ too much but it does change things up with the type of seafood it comes with, so you can pick your favorite based on the selection.

SoPo Seafood Maine Seafood Tower

As shown on SoPo’s website, the SoPo Seafood Maine Seafood Tower comes with the following for $350:

  • 2 lbs lobster meat
  • 2 8-oz cups crab meat
  • 2 lbs sea scallops
  • 24 oysters
  • 1 jar seaweed salad
  • Four platters
  • Working solar-powered light for lighthouse centerpiece topper
  • $200 toward a night's stay at a real Maine lighthouse

These are insane deals! Whether you’re a born and raised Mainer or you’re a loyal tourist, this is how you spend a Maine summer: Eating an edible seafood lighthouse and then spending the night in a real one.

How many people do you know that have spent the night sleeping in a lighthouse? Probably not many.

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