Kate and her best friend Bri were bullied so much as 8th graders at Auburn Middle School that they have switched schools. 

I was never bullied nor did I bully anyone. I pretty much stayed to myself and relied on my sense of humor.

But the stories I hear of bullying just breaks my heart. Erica Ackley wrote to me asking for help to get the word out that it's still a problem for a lot of kids including hers - Kate.

Kate's best friend Bri has also been bullied. She made an exasperating video asking...why?


My God...this poor thing. It's her best friend Kate's video that I saw that also got to me.


Both of these girls are turning their experiences and trying to help others. They are starting a campaign to raise money for the Stop Bullying Now Foundation.

For now, just talk to your kids about bullying...



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