Meet Gabe Vincent, he is a 13-year-old resident of Auburn that turned his hobby into his dreams. Gabe is a disc golf player, according to an article on him posted by the Sun Journal. 

The Professional Disc Golf Association put on the New England Amateur Disc Golf Championship. The article states that this is a, "sanctioned tournament played at three different courses in or around Manchester, New Hampshire."

If you've never heard of the sport. According to Merriam Webster, disc golf is,

a game in which players attempt to toss a plastic disc into each of a succession of basketlike receptacles stationed along a course with the object being to reach each target in as few attempts as possible. Disc golf is similar to regular golf in that it has 18 holes and is played primarily by the same rules. But instead of hitting a ball into a hole in the ground, in disc golf, Frisbees are thrown into metal disc-trapping baskets on stationary poles.

It is very fun and Maine has so many different courses. The game can be challenging and competitive or even just for fun with your friends!

Gabe started playing disc golf back in 2020 during the pandemic as a hobby. Little did he know, he'd be competing in a championship disc golf tournament, as the article says.

The article states that Gabe was hooked right away so his mother, Sarah purchased a basket and put it up in their backyard so Gabe and his sister Mya could play.

Gabe's mother said,

As soon as we got a basket at home, every second he can, he’s out there shooting discs in the basket in our yard. As it progresses, we keep going disc golfing. And all of a sudden, he’s keeping up with my husband, and (then) he’s exceeding my husband on what he can on the disc golf course.

Gabe has gotten so good that,

Earlier this month, he shot 5-under 160 over three days and three New Hampshire courses and finished 15 shots ahead of second place to claim the New England title.

according to the article

What's even more inspiring is that Gabe's sister, Mya, plays as well. According to the article, Mya Vincent, competed at Lewiston High School and,

defeated Erskine's Julia Barber in her first match at the Maine Principals’ Association state singles tournament on May 20, then beat Scarborough’s Amber Woods in two sets in the quarterfinals May 21 to advance to Monday’s semifinals.

Gabe and Mya's Mom, Sarah Vincent remarked on her pride for her children and told the Sun Journal,

It’s pretty awesome. I am so proud of them and all of their hard work is paying off with these kinds of results,” Sarah Vincent said. “It’s about the day-to-day, you go out and you try your best, you stay in the moment, then you do it again the next day.

This is obviously a family affair that involves much effort and talent. Practicing a sport consistently when you are younger is integral to your growth boy physically and mentally.

As the article states, Gabe was able to reach victory in the under 18 year old division. His three-round score was 160.

Gabe says,

I was taking everything shot-by-shot and not focusing on the whole round, just focusing on the next shot

We will keep an eye on the Vincent family and send our support for all of their accomplishments!

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