Maine Heatwave

There's no denying that the heatwave that's been heating up the towns and cities throughout Maine has been felt pretty strongly by mostly everyone (except those people whose body temperatures run cold and, even though most Mainers and tourists are sweating, they're still in need of a sweater.)

Lots of locals have been keeping their pets indoors to avoid exposing them to possible heat stroke or damaging the pads on their paws from the hot pavement, while others have been consistently watering their lawns and mulch beds to prevent them drying out and becoming susceptible to a possible fire.

And then there's the rare breed that are leaning into the heatwave and showing off baking skills that could land them a spot on a competition show on the Food Network, or even being crafty enough to win Survivor.

Emily Santom
Emily Santom

Emily Santom WGME

Raised in southern New Hampshire, according to her bio on the WGME website, Emily Santom is no stranger to the wonky weather we get throughout New England, which is half the reason she got into meteorology in the first place.

She's been a go-to for forecasts throughout Maine since she joined the WGME staff back in May 2023, but now she may have to be a go-to for recipes, too.

Because while we've heard of the age old adage, "it's so hot you could cook an egg on the sidewalk," Emily decided to switch it up a bit and bake a few cookies inside of her car.

And, quite honestly, it clearly turned out to be a pretty genius idea. Equipped with just a coffee filter, four pieces of cookie dough, and an apparently ridiculously hot dashboard inside of her car, after about three hours, Emily was left with what looks to be the most perfectly cooked medium-well batch of cookies.

Move over, Chef Bobby Flay. We'd like to introduce you to the next Food Network star -- Chef Emily Slay.

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