Maine Heatwave

Back in April, the NOAA predicted that Maine would see a sweltering summer, which couldn't be further from what the area experienced just a year prior in 2023, which was filled with abnormally cooler temperatures and a stupid amount of rain.

With Maine being hit by a heatwave between Tuesday, June 18 and Thursday, June 20, it looks as though that prediction could be dead on, with the scorching temps and humidity running rampant throughout Vacationland before the first official day of summer.

And while keeping cool and staying hydrated throughout the summer, heatwave or not, are important for our personal health during brutally hot weather, there's another possible danger to be aware of.

Getty Images / News 19 WLTX via YouTube
Getty Images / News 19 WLTX via YouTube

Mulch Fire Causes

Even though this news station is based in Columbia, South Carolina, when searching anything involving mulch fires or temperatures needed for a mulch fire to begin, a story from News 19 WLTX not only highlights major damage to a home due to a random mulch fire starting, but also confirmation from the Assistant Chief of Operations of the Columbia Fire Department that mulch indeed can unexpectedly catch fire.

Black mulch can catch on fire just like any other combustible material. It depends upon the amount of mulch you have, the height it is, and the dryness of the material.


Mulch Fire Temperature

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, mulch fires are more likely to occur when the temperature is above 86 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is less than 30%.

Grass Fire Causes

Along the same lines, according to the British Red Cross, while there's no specific temperature or humidity level that triggers a grass fire to start, it's more the combination of long periods of hot, dry weather without rain (or self-lawn watering), and a possible cause of ignition, like flicking a cigarette, embers from a bonfire or barbecue, even glass bottles that reflect sunlight onto a dry patch of grass.

Maine Temperatures

So, is it hot enough for grass and mulch fires to ignite throughout the 207? It's safe to say that it's better to err on the side of caution and water your lawn and mulch beds every other day, especially when temps hit the 90s and even more so if it's a very dry heat and the humidity isn't there.

Our neighbors to the south have more safety tips with mulch beds on, as well.

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