It's great that Spring is here and that Mainers are getting outside to enjoy Maine's great outdoors. But, of course, with more time in the woods comes a greater risk of finding a tick on you. Maine has 16 different species of ticks, but the one you need to really worry about is the dreaded Deer Tick. That's the one that spreads Lyme Disease. The Maine CDC says several thousand Lyme disease cases are reported every year.

How dangerous are deer ticks in Maine?

The University of Maine says almost 40% of all deer ticks in Maine carry Lyme disease.

Every time you go into the woods, you are at risk for Lyme Disease. So make sure to check yourself, the kids, and your dogs when you get home. If you find a tick, here's how you can tell if it's a potentially dangerous Deer Tick.

How Can I Tell The Deffierce Between A Dog Tick and A Deer Tick?

From the Maine CDC Facebook Page:

"Identifying a tick based on its size is not a good way to determine the type of tick since they can be different sizes based on their life stage and how long they have been feeding. The coloring on the scutum, or shield, can help you determine the type of tick. For example, deer ticks have a black scutum and a reddish body while dog ticks have white decorations on their scutum like seen in the image or like white racing stripes."



Maine CDC
Maine CDC


If a tick ever bites you, you can send it to the University of Maine to get it tested. The test costs $15.


If you want to learn more about Lyme Disease in Maine, check out the fine work that MaineLyme is doing.




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