Along the Appalachain Trail, passed the ruins of the Katahdin Iron Works, a State Park and historic site where iron ore used to be smelted, is Gulf Hagas, also known as "The Grand Canyon Of The East" where the Pleasant River cuts through the earth for three miles creating a vertically walled slate gorge with dozens of waterfalls, like a mini Grand Canyon!

People who have hiked or kayaked there completely understand why it's called the Grand Canyon of the East. Over time, some say 400 million years, converging plates pushed the earth upward, and erosion overt time did most of the rest.

The gorge was used as a logging waterway for the Katahdin Iron Works, and later pulp wood would fill the gorge on it's way to become paper. There was a narrow area along the gulf where logs would get jammed up until the log divers widened it by using dynamite.

Today you can enjoy the breathtaking views from the trails, or from the water..


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