Maine is in for a blockbuster of a storm and it's all anyone seems to be talking about right now and with good reason. The snowfall expected from this storm is predicted to be the most we've seen in at least three winter seasons. Good news for those that love the snow and not so good for those that dread it.

It is what it is though. It's winter in Maine and we have to expect this, even though this has been a super cold start to the winter season. So why not pile on some snow. Luckily, because it's so cold, the double-digit snowfall totals we're in for will produce the light and fluffy stuff which is much easier to move than what we got in the last storm that was half water.

News Center Maine's meteorologists have been updating snow maps all week and the Falmouth Memorial Library has been watching them. They decided that instead of a snowfall map, maybe they should covert the snow totals to a new type of measurement: Books.

Now I'm not quite sure the exact formula they use to convert snowfall amounts to books because it doesn't seem to be an equal ratio, but it looks like 12 to 18 inches of snow is the equivalent of reading 5 to 10 books.

Keith Carson was tagged in the post and he rang in with a slight variable that would adjust the snowfall to books totals:

attachment-Keith Carson Reply

I'm not sure I like where he's going with this, because if I remember correctly, there are a few Stephen King novels set in snowstorms.

Yeah. I think I'll read something else Keith until the storm passes.

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