There I was. I had recently eaten lunch and was sitting there craving popcorn. I had none. But then I realized something and actually said in my out-loud voice all alone in my home,

I'm a grown up with money and a car. I'm gonna go get popcorn!

As I faced Route One in Falmouth to head to my favorite corner store for some popcorn, I saw something that stopped me cold. The ground in front of me was on fire.

So I did what I thought I was supposed to do. I parked my car on the side of the road and walked over and tried to stomp out the weird fire. The more I stomped in my clogs the worse it appeared to get. I was NOT putting out the fire. I was so into my stomping that I didn't even notice the nice Falmouth police officer who had stopped on Route One and asked me,

How are you doing? Do you need any help?

I completely flipped out inside. All I could think is that he probably thought that I started some weird mulch fire and was trying to hide my mistake. So there I am as traffic backs up trying to explain to this nice officer that I'm not nuts and was trying to do the right thing. He said that he would call the fire department to water it down. And basically told me to be on my merry way.

As I was driving down the road to turn around (I had been going in the wrong direction and still needed to get my popcorn!) I noticed MORE MULCH ON FIRE! Fear not, the Falmouth fire department was on it!


Here's the good news. All the fires are out and I got my popcorn.



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