Ty Baker, a senior at Falmouth High School, isn't rotting his brain out on electronics every day, he's challenging himself!


This looks fake, but I know Ty and the family...and he actually did this!

This is awesome! Ty says,

In times of boredom, all you need are a couple Solo cups, ping pong balls and a wedge.


He's also doing the Pandemic Juggling Challenge. He got his friends juggling balls and they are all learning to juggle!

I know Ty completely by accident. His family was stuck at an airport on their way to Idaho. Ty's mom Carrie is from Idaho and was on her way to see her parents. We ended up stuck at the airport for so long, I spent a lot of time with them. I played video games with Ty and chatted with the nicest family ever.

Turns out they lived in Falmouth too! What are the odds of that?

That was eight years ago, and we still keep in touch. Nice job Ty!

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