The other day, I noticed that my girlfriend had a few of these things hanging in her apartment. I had never seen or heard of them at all. She picked them up at Hannaford last week. Apparently, DampRid works to reduce the amount of humidity in your home. The top part of the bag is full of special crystals that suck the humidity out of the air. The humidity then collects at the bottom of the bag. You can actually see the proof that it's working...the water collects at the bottom, and it's a lot. So does it really make a difference? She says that she noticed a difference within a day. And she thinks that over time, she'll see even more of an impact.

I just priced them out online, and they're cheap! One for about 4 bucks, or you can get a four pack for 10 bucks. They also sell them at Home Depot, Lowe's, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

It really does seem to be a great cost effective solution to make your home more comfortable in these sweltering hot summer days!

Here's a rather entertaining and informative YouTube review:

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