If you've ever gone dancing at Bubba's Sulky Lounge, you're familiar with their $5 cover. With all the fun I have there every time I go, I think the cover is well worth it - but for those of you who like a bargain, I came across a way to skip the cover altogether, besides dressing in '80s garb on Fridays (you knew that already, didn't you?)

It all started when I came across this old Toy Story tin lunch box in the 'free' pile in my apartment building. Having seen the vast collection of retro lunch boxes strung throughout Bubba's, I figured I'd give something a try.


First, I trucked my new trinket around town as we toured the Old Port pre-Bubba's. Turns out, old school lunch boxes make stylish purses, though they're a bit noisy as your belongings bang around inside. But I got a ton of compliments!

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When we finally made it to Bubba's, I marched up with my makeshift purse and asked Noah the bouncer the question I'd been dying to ask since finding this gem in the mail room:

"Can this count as my $5 cover?"
"Sure it can," said Noah, confirming that my dreams were coming true. I waltzed right in and kissed my lunch box goodbye, trusting I'd never see it again amongst the hundreds of lunch boxes hung in that place.

Fast forward two weeks, I returned to Bubba's for another night of dancing out the burdens of the week, and I SPOTTED MY LUNCHBOX, hanging front and center on my favorite of the three light-up dance floors. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

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I don't know if they strung my lunch tin up there, replacing an existing box to make sure I'd see it, or if that Toy Story tin has been there all along and I just brought them a used duplicate... either way, I got in for free that fateful night and I'm willing to bet you can too if you bring an equally precious artifact. Keep your eye out!