The New England Patriots are number one in the AFC East, as usual, are at 7-3 on the season so far and have a bye this weekend after that brutal loss to the Titans, so we wont see Brady and the boys until next Sunday when they take on the Jets in New York.

New England Patriots v Tennessee Titans
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So to pass the time, in between shoveling snow and making leftover turkey sandwiches, Fitzy is back with a fresh episode of Shit Pats Fans Say and from the first 5 seconds it had me laughing as usual.


The opening scene shows Fitzy and his buddy leaning on a Jeep sippin' some Dunks and the first question asked is so ridiculous Fitzy's only reaction is to slap his friend right across the face. I would too, and I will if anyone ever asks me the same thing!

The rest of the episode is exactly what every single Patriots fan I know has said, or is saying this week. There is some NSFW language, just a heads up.


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